Frugal Possibilities

By OrangeShooze | Mar 31, 2009

If you’re hungry for a few more frugal scrapbooking ideas… • Purchase a single pack of silver, gold, or white brads and use paint to color them as needed. The same can be done with staples and safety pins. Try coloring with permanent markers or embossing powder (use tweezers!) for different finishes. • Diecuts made [...]

Frugal Limits

By OrangeShooze | Mar 25, 2009

Is all fair in love and scrapbooking? Are all bets off during a recession? Where do YOU draw the line at being frugal? Is it perhaps… • Asking a companion or child to check out as a separate customer so you can apply another coupon to your purchases? • When freebies aren’t intended to be [...]

Gettin’ Sumthin’ for Nuthin’ (or almost nuthin’)

By OrangeShooze | Mar 24, 2009

• Crop with friends. It’s a great way to share resources and test out products before you buy. • Swap with friends. It’s a great way to obtain new items while getting rid of that which you hardly use. • Internet access. If you’re reading this, you probably have Internet access. Use this resource to [...]

Shop Talk

By OrangeShooze | Mar 18, 2009

• Beware of “scrapbook price tags”. Products can have higher price mark-ups when marketed to the scrapbooking crowd. (e.g. “scrapbooking floss” might be the same floss found in the embroidery section) Silk flowers, ribbon, buttons, pins, and paint can be found in other parts of the craft store. Where else have you seen essential tools [...]

9 Simple Ways to Stretch Your Adhesive

By OrangeShooze | Mar 13, 2009

As a seasoned scrapbooker, I admit I’ve developed a close and personal relationship with my adhesives. No, I haven’t come unglued… but I do stay faithful to the same repertoire of dependable favorites and they stay ever faithful to me. They occupy their very own box under my workspace. I reach for them every time [...]

Challenge Check-In Point

By OrangeShooze | Mar 10, 2009

Have you been scrapping your stash for our month-long frugal scrapbooking challenge? One week down… what are your shopping vs. completed pages totals so far? What’s been the most difficult part for you? And the easiest? Let’s see your frugally-fabulous projects in the blog challenge section of the ScrapVillage Museum. You can do it! Joey [...]

Penny-Pinching Prints

By OrangeShooze | Mar 10, 2009

• If available, sign up for newsletters to receive info on print deals. (see current example above…deal ends Saturday!) • Always do an online search for coupon codes (e.g. name of developer + “coupon”) before you order prints. • Print only the photos you need and want to scrap. • If you’re using film, have [...]

EZ Actions Coupon Code

By OrangeShooze | Mar 10, 2009

If you like to apply special effects to your photos, here’s a coupon code from EZ Actions that might interest you. They also offer digital scrapbook paper, digital brushes and more. 20% discount coupon on all your purchases at EZ Actions ( — this is the current code (good for only a short time) – [...]

Frugal Ribbon Ideas

By OrangeShooze | Mar 6, 2009

• Use strips of patterned paper in place of fabric ribbon. (see above) • Save decorative ribbon from opened packages and presents. • Ribbon by the yard can be less expensive and less wasteful than spools. • Ribbon from the fabric section can be less expensive than “scrapbook ribbon”. • Shop yard sales and thrift [...]

Frugal State of Mind

By OrangeShooze | Mar 2, 2009

The words “frugal scrapbooking” might sound exciting to some folks and daunting to others. Here’s a little food for thought: what’s your perspective on frugal scrapbooking? Does it come down to how you shop for supplies? Does it reflect the way in which you view your memories and live your life? Is it tied to [...]

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